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Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your kids coding? Look no further! Our online coding teaching platform for kids is designed to ignite their creativity, develop their problem-solving skills, and empower them to become confident young coders.


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Cybeorg Education Technology – The Ultimate Coding Class for Kids

Are you worried that your child is not well-equipped with the digital skills necessary for the modern world? Are you looking for a platform that provides a comprehensive online coding course that prepares your child for a future in IT? Look no further than Cybeorg Education Technology!

At Cybeorg Education Technology, we offer a live 1:1 online coding class for kids aged 6-18, teaching the fundamental principles of coding such as logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking. Our coding courses are designed to empower children to become creators rather than just consumers of technology, allowing them to create amazing websites, animations, and apps.

Why Choose Cybeorg Education Technology?

Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers – Our Live 1:1 Online coding classes are taught by top 1% selected teachers and subject matter experts. Your child will receive personalized attention and guidance from the best in the field.Flexibility and Convenience – Our coding courses can be accessed from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for commuting and providing the flexibility to schedule classes according to your child’s convenience.Comprehensive Coding Courses – Our online coding courses cover a wide range of programming skills and techniques, including website development, animation, app creation, data manipulation, and programming languages.

Stimulate Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills – Our coding programs are designed to enhance creativity, improve problem-solving skills, and promote academic performance overall.Accessible to All Skill Levels – Our coding courses are designed to be accessible to kids with no prior coding experience. We offer a free trial to help your child determine their interest and aptitude for coding.

Cybeorg Education Technology offers the best coding for kids program, covering all the essentials of coding and programming skills. Our facilitators align digital literacy into coding courses as required by the existing skills of the learners. Whether your child is interested in pursuing a career in IT or simply fascinated by the world of tech and coding, Cybeorg Education Technology offers a wide range of online coding courses designed to make coding accessible to kids and young teenagers. In conclusion, Cybeorg Education Technology is the ultimate platform for online coding classes for kids. Join us today and give your child the gift of digital literacy, problem-solving skills, and a bright future in the world of technology!

Who We Are

The world we are living in keeps progressing as time passes. One of the most significant sectors where the world is racing forward is in the sector of technology. Just like the English Language, the language of computers have started taking a rather important position in our lives. We, at Cybeorg, provide easy online coding classes for kids alongside other techy courses, for them to gain first-hand knowledge of the language of computers right from an early age. Coding is a new form of literacy, a 'must have' skill for every young person, irrespective of their future career plans. We believe the skills a child learns as he sets on his journey to understand coding is unparalleled to others. Hence, for the benefit of your children, we have come up with the initiative to provide a platform where your child is taught coding as well as other important courses, by our highly professional and trained teachers, right from the luxury of their homes. Our hardworking, goal-oriented and self- motivated team ensures the best quality of work and is determined not to disappoint.

What We DO

Today, in the age of computers, less than 1% of schools teach coding to children in their prime years. This results in a major gap of skills required to brace the new world that is developing around technology. To ace this problem, we at Cybeorg, have come up with a platform for children to learn coding and other technical skills. Through our variety of programmes and online classes, kids of different age groups are taught fundamentals of coding-logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking-to generate creative outcomes such as self-made animations, video games and applications. The courses we offer facilitates the provision of 1:1 teaching which helps the child understand each concept with clarity. As the recruitment of teachers for such complicated courses for children is an important factor, we assure the best methods of selection from teachers who have a lot of experience in interacting with kids and taking utmost care for their personal development. We aim to reach unparalleled levels of success and our determined and dedicated team help in achieving the same.

What Make Us Spcecial?

 Our online coding teaching platform for kids is designed to ignite their creativity, develop their problem-solving skills, and empower them to become confident young coders. Let’s explore the exciting features of our platform:


Interactive Coding Lessons

Our platform offers interactive coding lessons that make learning a breeze. Through a combination of videos, tutorials, and interactive exercises, kids can grasp coding concepts at their own pace. Each lesson is carefully designed to be engaging and easy to understand, ensuring that kids stay motivated throughout their coding journey. ​

Kid-Friendly Coding Languge

We understand that kids need coding languages that are both beginner-friendly and captivating. Our platform introduces them to age-appropriate coding languages such as Scratch or Blockly, which use visual blocks to teach coding fundamentals. These languages enable kids to create animations, games, and interactive stories, making the learning process enjoyable and exciting.

Project-Based Learning

Learning coding is not just about theory; it's about applying knowledge to real-world projects. Our platform emphasizes project-based learning, where kids can apply their coding skills to create their own projects. From designing their own games to building websites or developing simple apps, they'll gain hands-on experience and a sense of accomplishment with each completed project.

A smiling preteen male student sits at a table in the library at his school between his smiling father and sister and completes the wiring on a robotics project.  All three are focused on the robot.

Live Coding Sessions

To provide a more personalized learning experience, our platform offers live coding sessions led by experienced instructors. Kids can join these sessions to ask questions, receive guidance, and interact with their peers. These live sessions foster collaboration, encourage critical thinking, and provide opportunities for kids to learn from coding experts in a supportive and interactive environment.


Parental Monitoring and Progress Tracking

We understand that parents want to stay informed about their child's progress. Our platform provides a parent dashboard where you can monitor your child's activities, track their progress, and review the projects they have completed. This allows you to actively support and engage with your child's coding journey, celebrating their achievements and offering guidance when needed.

Safe and Secure Online Environment

Your child's safety is our top priority. Our platform ensures a safe and secure online environment by implementing strict privacy measures and age-appropriate content moderation. You can have peace of mind knowing that your child is learning in a protected online space.

Join Our Online Coding Class Today

 Join our online coding teaching platform for kids and give your child a head start in the world of coding. Watch as they develop valuable skills, boost their creativity, and embark on an exciting journey of exploration and innovation.

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