It’s easy to learn coding:

Our interactive tools and experienced teachers make teaching and learning coding easy and fun. Students are first taught visual coding methods and natural language coding and then they gradually move to learn professional coding using languages like JavaScript and Python. With the guidance of our wonderful teachers, we guarantee a perfect learning environment for your child. 

Made of self-guided interactive lessons:

Grade-based lesson plans with varied divisions of topics help children develop their skills and understanding of courses. Colorful graphics, illustrations, interactive games, puzzles and projects engage children and help them to understand complicated topics through practical learning. The 1:1 interactive facility with teachers helps children further for clarification of any kind of doubts.

The power of creative tools:

We focus mostly on developing the creativity of your children by helping them explore new levels of imagination. This is done with the help of our visual coding tools, art studio, character maker and editor. Children are also given the opportunity to build their own games and create self-made products which further helps them be innovative. 

Assessments are made effortless:

With the help of the quality automatic assessment function which we offer, it gets easy to track a child’s progress and help him/her further in improving parts where he/she is lacking in. Teachers can access a child’s progress easily and work on helping them in respective areas. 

Mastery over STEM courses:

We offer many topic baslearnings which include topics covered in the STEM subjects, like Physics, Maths, Social Sciences, etc. This allows students to integrate coding into their curriculum alongside strengthening their grasp over concepts covered in  other sciences.

Easily handled by one click:

With Cybeorg  you can easily create and manage classrooms, assign lessons and import students in just one click. This makes teaching and learning efficient and helps in smooth implementation of courses. 



Becoming a “cybeorg teacher” typically involves incorporating advanced technology and augmentations into your teaching methods and practices. While the concept of being a literal cybeorg might not be feasible at the moment, you can still integrate technology into your teaching to enhance the learning experience.Unlock Your Potential and Make a Difference in Students’ Lives!


APPLICATION: Highlight your strengths and passion for education.

PORTFOLIO: Showcase your teaching experience and accomplishments

INTERVIEW: Communicate your teaching philosophy, respond to challenging questions and show us why you are the best fit for cybeorg.



  1. IF ITS A STUDENT OR A TEACHER, COMMUNICATION HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE KEY: fostering collaboration among my students by integrating online communication tools. Platforms like discussion boards, instant messaging, or video conferencing can facilitate group work, debates, and peer-to-peer learning. 

  2. TAILORED EDUCATION: As a student I lacked getting personalized learning so in my teaching period I try to explore adaptive technologies that can tailor learning experiences to individual student needs and provide one on one learning paths and resources based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

  3. CREATIVE IMAGERY: In my teaching lessons I always make sure to utilize multimedia elements such as images, videos, audio clips, and interactive content to make my lessons more fun with increased learning pace.

  4. WHILE TEACHING, I NEVER FORGET TO LEARN: Encourage students to collaborate, share ideas, and provide feedback to enhance their learning experience and also give you ideas on how to mold your teaching with the way they learn.


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