App Development for Kids (Thunkable)

A focused course to teach kids how to build apps and publish them on Google Play and App Store







Making beautiful apps is a child’s play

Learn the principles of app building, start building interactive, stunning and useful apps for iOS and Android devices, and share your apps with your friends.


What you’ll learn

Principles of app building
Calling, texting, emailing
User interface, buttons, labels
layout, multiple screens
Location sensor, audio, video
, database, storage
woman, laptop, computer-8761463.jpg

Skills you’ll gain

App architecture
Creative thinking
Design thinking
Thunkable platform
User interface, interaction
App development

What you’ll achieve

Lifetime community access
Downloadable resources
Exclusive access to competitions
App Development Certificate Accredited Educational Experience

What is Educational Research (SER) is the longest continually operating STEM education research and credentialing organization that has served over 4,500 schools, districts, and organizations in over 25 countries.

Who gets Accreditation?

The Accreditation is awarded to institutions that develop 21st century skills, have an original curriculum revolving around STEM, adequately incorporate technology into classes, and offer hands-on STEM-based activities.

What does Accreditation mean? Accreditation is awarded by Educational Research (SER) after thoroughly examining and evaluating the educational institution’s curriculum, teachers, and courses for efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.

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