My child does not want to be a computer scientist; what benefit will they get from coding?

Coding will be beneficial in almost all types of jobs in the future, from engineering, sciences, economics or finance. Students will have to be familiar with the fundamentals of coding to understand technology in the search for scientific breakthroughs and the way work is done in a technologically-driven society. Computer coding involves well developed communication, leadership and management skills coupled with creative technical savvy. 


Which skills will students learn or enhance from coding?

a. Problem Solving
b. Organization
c. Responsibility
d. Long term focus
e. Flexibility
f. Project Management
g. Real Time working experience

My kid is toddler. Do you have any coding for Toddlers?

We have a very small course for helping your toddler use computers. It has no coding but it will help them to get acquainted with the keyboards and computers.

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